Hair Extensions

At Essexy Hair we are proud to use Wonderful Hair Extensions. These are high quality, real human hair extensions. Wonderful hair extensions are cold fusion hair extensions so they do not damage your hair – no heat, no glue, no damage.

Our mobile hair extensions service could be for you if you want to add volume, length and colour to your hair to create an instant, natural and glamorous look, in the comfort of your own home.

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More about Wonderful Hair Extensions

Wonderful Hair will only supply 100% Human Hair Extensions to clients who want to add volume, length and colour to create an instant, natural and glamorous look.

  • We use the REMIS system to process the hair. This method protects the hair cuticle, keeping all the scales facing the same direction, which helps to maintain a more natural look.
  • Wonderful hair use keratin to create flat shaped bonds, ensuring the materials and the look is as natural as it could possibly be. We also ensure the bonds will then lay flat on the scalp and are the same colour as the hair lock, for discretion.
  • Wonderful hair only acquire hair in its natural, untreated condition prior to processing for extensions. This means there is no trace of colour or recent chemically based treatments present in the hair we use.
  • The hair is also double-drawn, which means it is the same density/thickness from root to tip.
  • The quality of the hair provided performs just like the hair on your own head. This means that you can use curling tongs, rollers, a flat iron, or blow-dry it into whatever style you desire provided the keratin bonds and attachments are protected.
  • Using Wonderful Hair extensions to add colour is also an excellent alternative to chemicals used in highlights/lowlights. Should you wish to change your colour, the extensions can be removed almost instantly when required, without damage.

Premium Hair: Voted #1 for authenticity, quality and consistency!

  • Every strand is the same length with no Split Ends
  • No tangling, breakage or shedding
  • Will not lose vibrancy or shine over time
  • Hair will not “crawl” or “bunch up”
  • No need for excessive leave in treatments to maintain softness or control
  • Colour will not fade in time
  • Double drawn

Our Standard Hair

  • Indian Temple 100% Human Remy Hair
  • Natural body wave
  • Blends naturally with most hair types as it mimics Asian and Caucasian hair.
  • Durable and thick
  • Processed using an Osmosis colour system used by top designers such as Versace and Gucci to colour their fur and leather goods.
  • The cuticle layer seals in moisture, protecting hair from the elements and environmental damage.
  • Available in Crazy Colours

The Hair is available in:

  • 40cm, 50cm and 55cm (16”, 20” and 22”)
  • Selection of natural Colours
  • Premium and Standard quality

Hair extension are fixed with our highest quality bonds:

  • No slipping
  • No flaking
  • No shedding

The Cold Fusion Hair Extension Application Method

Wonderful Hair has been committed to offering the latest, most innovative technology in the field of hair extension applications, the Wonderful Hair Extension system utilises a patented hand held applicator that is designed to apply, and mould the small flat keratin bond to the hair.

  • Using ultrasound technology, Cold Fusion uses virtually NO HEAT and NO HOT GLUE offering protection against your Natural hair.
  • The 100% high quality human hair extensions are designed to be applied as single bonds, which mean partial as well as full placements can be made easily, efficiently and accurately. This enables the technician to create unique and individual styles for you that remains secure and comfortable; placing our Cold Fusion hair extension system at the forefront of the UK industry.
  • Using our Cold Fusion Technology ensures a very quick, yet safe method for Applying Hair Extensions – 90 Minutes for a Full Head applied
  • On the top of each lock of hair, we attach a thin sheet of keratin. As keratin is a natural component of human hair, it ensures that the hair extension blends perfectly with the natural hair, improving the application process by making it simple yet precise.
  • Utilises a ‘V’ shaped Keratin bond, your hair is placed within the bond recess, and sandwiched between the keratin compound, resulting in a flat bond which remains virtually undetectable to sight and touch. There is no mixing of the hair extensions and your natural hair, so removal of the extensions is clean and simple.
woman's head with short ginger hair
Woman's face with long ginger hair
Woman with long blond wavy hair
Woman with medium curly blonde hair